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(warning) Deprecated API

 Are you using OpenSerchServer 1.5 ?

 Move to the RESTFul API described on GITHub


HTTP Request
Http Response

The web crawler API performs following actions starts or stops,the web crawler

Parameters List
useIt is the index name
login (optional)The login parameter. This is required once you create a user.
key (optional)The key parameter related to the login (api key). This is required once you create a user.
actionThe action to perform: start, stop, and know status of the index.

The runOnce parameter is to specify the crawler should run only once or forever.

This is an boolean parameter.

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    Great piece of software!

    I've been trying to put in place open search server in the company I work in . But I'm facing some issues, I've been trying to crawl and index the intranet and the internet. But It doesn't work at all, I think it's due to proxy/security issues. I get the indexed parsed to true but the content length is -1 so it crawls nothing. Is there anyway I can put the credentiels I have on the intranet to crawl and index it in open search server ?