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Log in to SaaS Center

OpenSearchServer provides a set of public API. These APIs are available using the SaaS center.

To use this API, you have to log onto the SaaS Center. If you don't have an account yet, just create one, it is free. If you already have a support account, use the same login and password.

Setup an API key

Once you are connected, you can activate any API and define the access authorizations.

Next, create an API key which will be passed as parameter to allow calls to the API.

It is possible to limit the access to the API to a list of IP address and subnet, using the CIDR format.

Activate an API service

Now that you have an API key, you  can activate any API service by going to the Services tab panel.

Select any Service, and click on the "Activate API" button to enable the service.

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