OpenSearchServer has been available as an independent project in Sourceforge since April 2009 and proposed under the GNU/GPL 3 license. The source code is hosted as a GitHub project.

We are very happy about the growth and strength of our developers’ community. All feedback is welcome and many people have originated product enhancements or new features delivery. This is the power of the Open Source and we are very grateful for the high level of participation. Express your needs, let’s share our experiences.


The documentation includes tutorials, installation guides and manuals. The Wiki is the primary source for the documentation. It contains contributions from both the community and our development team.


Request help from the community, and check previous threads for relevant discussions. Help OpenSearchServer grow and thrive by launching new threads. Check all OpenSearchServer forums.

Bugs and evolutions

The tracking system allows you to report issues, suggest new functionalities, and to track the answers to your requests.

Source code

You can access the source code of OpenSearchServer using GIT on GitHub. Please follow the instructions. The PHP Client library and the ASP.NET client library are also available .

IRC Channel

The IRC OpenSearchServer channel is a live conversation with OpenSearchServer enthusiasts and experts to talk about the software.
IRC Server: - Channel: #OpenSearchServer
For information on what an IRC (Internet Relay Chat) is:
You may use your own IRC client or our web page.

Professional support

We provide support and services for OpenSearchServer users. From the planning process through completion of the project, we will assist you to deliver your project on time and meet all your objectives.